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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I got to feeling distant from her that night and into the next day. I really felt frozen. I didn't have any idea I'd feel that way. It wasn't jealousy. I am glad M provides something I can't give her. Altho when we were driving to his place, I said, "I feel weird about this because I don't understand your (hers and M's) relationship." And my gf said, "Neither do I." heh

I got over my weird feelings by Saturday night, we had our usual great connection, movie, dinner, cuddles, sexy times.
Maybe it just had to do with being at M's place, where you have no authority. You know you were in somewhat unfamiliar territory, and your gf was in a unfamiliar position there, which is different from how you relate to her. I could see that as simply being disorienting.
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