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NYC and Mono -

You are correct - I am still in a mono marriage! Last fall, I confessed to him that I have a strong need to be more physically active with others in an open marriage. He asked me to never mention it again or face divorce. I felt guilty, so I honestly gave it a re-attempt. I felt I owed it to him. This is why I was away so long. But nothing changed - once a month if I make the first move. After so many years, my pride is just plain hurt - and I can't bring myself to be the only one making the first move - ever. Then, something happened - someone else became interested in me - and it was very hot but shortlived. And no, nothing actually happened, but we both sure wish it did. The chance of it resparking is very possible, but he has rejected me for now. It's complicated. So this led to the realization that I'm just miserable being mono and am back here to 'talk'. My physical needs are simply not being met - and because I'm unable to live out any of my wishes, I'm interested in exploring all options... really, I'm an clean slate ready to figure out the real me...

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