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Maybe talking about it some, or details if you feel comfortable will help you work through it and us understand. I am just entering my first poly relationship but it has not been with out its own unique "growing pains" and I understand that possibly (like any relationship) there may come a day when it ends I have to deal with that too and it will be hard. I have been lucky (so far) in that the few friends I have confided in have been supportive -although they dont fully understand, but have been supportive none the less. Not knowing the details of your situation I hope that my reply doesn't "miss the mark" but I hope that even with the pain and anger you feel that you can find memories of the good times as comfort and move on. There is always something to be learned in life about ourselves and others...even when times are hard - the important thing is that you will come out stronger and more aware of yourself at the end and that is a good thing - even if it sucks right now. Best of luck to you.
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