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I had a teeny tiny grandmother who I take after, so genetically I guess I am blessed, in this society that so values thinness. But even tho I am small, I do still despise every little bit of flabby or saggy skin on my body . I manage to look good enough in clothes, tho, so the incentive to exercise is really just not there -- which is not good, because I may be thin but I am probably not the healthiest I could be.

I resist the urge to eat for comfort only, though, which I think has kept me thin in addition to the genetics. I simply know that when I am feeling emotional, it is NOT hunger for food that is nagging me. (In fact, it is probably a bit of a disorder -- if I am upset emotionally, I will NOT eat. I will hold out for the emotional fulfillment, instead. And sometimes, damn emotions -- I'm fucking HUNGRY! )

My grandma was very self-conscious and did not like being skinny. Her two sisters were curvy and the boys all liked their curves, and called her a skinny mama barn cat. She was teased as a child and even all throughout her adult life (when she DID get elegant little curves in all the right places). Other women were terribly jealous and often made rude comments. We thought she was beautiful -- but I must say that my other grandma, who was "fluffy," was much more comfortable to hug!
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