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Check out the book, "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. It may help you both find that connection again. It's kinda like if you wife is allergic to roses, yet you always bring her roses to show her love knowing she is allergic, she's not going to feel the love. Your wife wants quality time with you, GIVE IT TO HER! Find stuff to do that doesn't require money. Go on picnics, go for a drive, go watch a sunset, play a board game in bed or something, just make the time.

"Quality Time" is one of my love languages and I fully understand where your wife if coming from. It is really hard to feel any connection with someone who doesn't seem to take the time to be with just you. It's very irritating and downright insulting when we are expecting quality time and our partner is spending "our" time doing other stuff (studying, internet surfing, texting, etc).
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