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This was what I was also wondering. What has come up as a result of having cheated. What realizations about what you did have changed in you since experiencing your love going out and sleeping with other men?

Redpepper - If i understand your question correctly, ( I don't think I am though..) this would have to be my answer. * **
After my wife told me to get out and that she was divorcing me, she said she hoped someday someone would do the same thing to me so I would know the pain she was feeling... *Even though I thought I could deal with sharing my love with another man this agonizing feeling happened. I can only begin to think of what it was like for my ex... Because she didnt invite it, she was not given the opprotunity to choose weather it was ok with her (I knew it would not be, she made it clear before we married) is that an answer you expected?*
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