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I agree with a lot that has been said here. Looks are looks. Someone maybe very hansom/beautiful but that will only go so far with me. After all if some one if easy on the eyes but treats me poorly then why stay around. How ever in the past I have been known to fall hard and fast and what at first I find to be a winning personality turns out to be not so much after some time. (I am trying to lern how to slow down and let people get to know me and I them before falling totaly head over heels) For me to say that looks have nothing to do with attraction would not be altogether true but for the most part it is a over all deal with me. I can look at some one and think he/she is cute or sexy but untill I get to know them the connection does not go much beyond that. Still a good laugh and a loving smile doesn't hurt and typing by computer light only sucks just found this out
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