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Question Short-Term Dating & Online Dating?

Guidance please,

Iíve decided that I donít have what it takes to commit to a full-time relationship. I am in a very deep self-discovery journey and University graduation is just around the corner. I will be leaving my home-town after graduation. All of this makes me think I should stop dating completely. Yet I donít truly want to. A part of me thinks it is unfair for those I date since I am not available to give them a future. Another part of me says, dating can be for short-term if those involved are aware and okay with it. Is there such thing as short-term dating and is it moral?

If so I am not sure if I should try online dating. I have never really done online dating. I want to date more woman and to be honest I donít have much of a gay radar. I am attracted to very feminine women. Online profiles give you the advantage that people state what they are looking for. No guessing required. I am a traditionalist and reserved, I feel uncomfortable with the idea of my picture and info out there. Is online dating a good idea?
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