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Default Hope itís a good starting place for you.

Originally Posted by Erosa View Post
Are there any practitioners who could help me with some positive magic suggestions? How should light work be adapted to include poly's special needs?
I would suggest having the couple both sit together and discuss what they want to attract. What kind of person they are both looking for, what qualities are a must, etc, Once the have figured it out. Have them write something of a letter, using both of their handwriting.

Have them set up some type of alter in their bedroom, maybe a night stand or any other piece of furniture that belongs to both. (This is the area where you will be working) This is definitely a ritual they both need to participate in. You can guide them. The rest is up to your magikal preference. Use candles, herbs, whatever you feel comfortable.

Hope it’s a good starting place for you. Let me know how it goes.

Remember that it is not a love spell you are not taking anyone’s free will away. You are only attracting someone to their life.

Blessed be
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