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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
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I've never seen anyone talk about a V as compared to a checkmark, as if the length of the "legs" in the V or checkmark represents the importance of the person at the hinge. You must be very visually-oriented.
I found this a very inventive and useful description for the way many people actually feel. They call their relationships Vs, but they're really check marks. At least SaS is honest about wanting this. (And you made a little mistake: the length of the "legs" in the V or checkmark represents the relative importance of the two arms to the person at the hinge.)
I wasn't criticizing, I was acknowledging him. I thought it was a very creative and visual way of looking at things. And yes, perhaps I should have said that the "length of the legs of the Vee or Checkmark represents the importance of the people involved to the person at the hinge." But if you're at the end of one of those legs, and not the hinge, what I said still works. Doesn't matter anyway, I think it was still clear. Out of whatever else I and everyone else said, I wouldn't have imagined that this statement of mine, which was really just an aside, even merited a comment. ???
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