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Hi and welcome!

I am also a "solo poly" woman. And straight. I chose to explore poly after my husband announced he wanted a divorce after more than ten years, and moved out shortly thereafter. It was devastating, and I'm still trying to heal from that pain and grief. When I was ready to start dating again, I knew I wanted to try poly and this online community has been extremely helpful. Right now I would say I am still just a single woman dating, but I am learning so much about myself, with this new (for me) perspective on relationships.

I also want to remain independent and not cohabit with anyone nor be a part of any kind of triad or tribe. I like the idea of having three or four boyfriends. I also have no desire to have children or be part of a household with children. I have been childfree by choice my entire adult life.

Anyway, a while back, I started a thread for Solo Polyfolk. Feel free to contribute your ideas of what would work for you. Here's the link:

Solo poly people - what's your ideal?
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