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Hey, just a short note on my end. Things settled down a bit and I am able to think in normal structures again. Which means, I am taking my time to sort things out, hopefully not over years as before, but well ... I am well aware of my own shortcommings

But what I wanted to honestly say to all of you: You are great! I really mean that. Over the last week I tried to find a similar forum for my two men to read and inform themselves ... and I found nothing. I don't know if there really is nothing out there or if I just searched the wrong places, but all I found, was unfriendly, intimidating, self-indulging, narcistic and what not. At least for the german community.

Your storries and experiences helped me such big time, I can't really start to put that into words. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being as honest as you are.

With sincere regards
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