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Originally Posted by Ivy View Post, having an affair with a married man, bearing three of his children wasn't a "serious connection?"

And are these poly guys, or is she hooking up with more cheaters?

I'm not a fan of the veto in any way, but it seems like it would be worth it to lay these concerns out as clearly as possible. Maybe in writing. With the important parts highlighted in neon yellow.
I think I may have said it in another thread, but I'm happy to say that he did NOT go through with meeting her and cut it off. I think he realized it wasn't a good idea and that she's not what he wanted. I just had horrible visions of what could and probably would happen. I understand the excitement he was feeling about meeting someone, but she was NOT a good choice and I'm glad he saw that and is choosing to wait for a better match.

I doubt any of the men she was seeing were true poly men, they sounded more like cheaters since she likes to be the dirty little secret.
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