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No weight loss yet , but this is not unusual, last time it was only every 3 weeks that I saw any progress.

Last week was really good for getting me back into taking my walks. 2 days at 1 hour, 1 day 1/2 hour plus 1/2 of arm weights. Saturday walked around the Ren Faire for 4+ hours and Sunday took a hike with the family. Apparently my husband thought I needed steep hills, my calves are still screaming at me, but the view was awesome.

Last night I decided my calves needed a rest. However, it felt wrong sitting at home. The front door was open and I was anxious and antsy, the rest of my body was saying go take a walk (then I stood up and tried to walk ). This is such a good sign, it's how I felt the last time I lost 50+lbs.

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