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Fair? I'm not sure about that but I do know that women have a much easier time of finding partners and from what I've heard on here in the past two years, what you propose can lead to competition, resentment and much more focus on the getting of a partner than the development of a loving relationship. Also, a new person to a dynamic already established can rock the boat enough, but two at the same time can blow it apart. Imagine all that NRE?! Lastly, love does what it wants. What if one of you falls in love while thee other doesn't have anyone? What then? You'll make sure to not go there? How is that fair? The whole point for me is to let it happen as it will. Find love wheree it comes to me and explore every emotion and belief I have about relationships and myself on the way. Yup, I'm not suggesting you go the route of the two of you only being allowed to have a partner if its at the same time.
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