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i just had a moment of realization, that i'm not only concerned with the fact of my mom's issues, with polyamory and that if JC, or myself, or both of us together find a new love, or loves she would have a hard time accepting it.

(When i 1st told her that JC was my gf, she asked "who else are you dating?" i had to explain to her that i wasn't with anyone else, but that we weren't in a monogamous relationship).

I'm more concerned that our relationship will deteriorate, as it has in the past. on multiple occasions my mother and i have been on non-speaking terms, and both of us have worked very hard at having the healthy relationship we have now. Most of the time when we weren't speaking it was my choice, and it usually dealt with her not accepting a part of my lifestyle. I'm somewhat of the "black sheep"of the family, but i absolutely will not take it laying down when anyone doesn't accept of my lifestyle. i choose to remove the negativity from my life, whether it's my mom, or a stranger.

I really don't want this to happen again, and I just hope that if a situation comes up where we butt heads about my lifestyle choices that we're both willing to talk about it, because while i honestly have no problem cutting her off, i think we're both too old to be doing it anymore.
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