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Online dating has always seemed natural to me. Way back in 1996, I met who would become my wife on Yahoo! Personals. I've essentially been online dating since Mosaic became the browser of choice. I understand, however, that the dynamic is completely different for men than for women. Women are literally bombarded with a platoon of messages from a host of seedy and near seedy characters. The gems are few and far between it seems. If I were on the other end, I might be as turned off from it as others.

I do send messages. But, my strategy is to craft a very authentic and relatively telling portrait of myself and let interesting people self select. I usually get a message or two every couple of weeks and they tend to be more interesting and interested than the messages I send to others. Seems to work.

I have trouble with meeting someone in other contexts while poly. I am progressively being more and more open about being poly - but it's not something I talk about very quickly in getting to know people. So, that's a barrier to meeting people in daily life. I do attend poly gatherings when I can. But, I have no real intention in finding dating partners in those settings. I'd be happy if it happened. But, if I put that kind of pressure on attending those events, I fear I'd never go!
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