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Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
Thanks. I think laying it out here is sort of a therapeutic thing (I tried an actual therapist, but it didn't work out. Plus, she charged a lot.)

I do absolutely welcome comments though, so please, bring 'em on! I hope to keep this blog going after I've finished my little story. When things get complicated, writing it out and getting input from others really helps me cope and figure out where I should have done things differently.

Maybe my life will be interesting enough to merit it, maybe not. And if it's not, maybe I'll just keep it going so everyone can read it and realize how exciting their life is by comparison.
Ivy, Ivy! Being able to laugh at yourself is positive and therapeutic. Don't I know it: I'm - among other things - a clown.

But sometimes you seem to be overdoing the putting-yourself-down bit.

I had a MASSIVE inferiority complex when I was a child and adolescent. I'm going to give you my self-therapy tip and ask you to try it out:

Look at yourself in a good-sized mirror. Look into your eyes and tell yourself:
a) I'm an attractive woman.
b) (More important) I'm a good person.
c) I have friends who do really care for me.
d) I have a supportive husband who loves me (and loved me when I was "OBESE") and a son who thinks the world of me.
e) I'm an excellent ---. [In my case it was ... babysitter and the maker of the best pizzas I know. (I have now graduated to "the best babysitter I know", as well.)]
f) I'm intelligent and caring.
g) If anybody else has problems accepting me as I am and/or seeing my worth... well that's their problem - not mine - because my worth is plain to see to anyone who (as the Little Prince' Fox said) "sees with the heart".

My therapy is free, it works (even if you can't help laughing at yourself during the first few sessions)... and it'll drive your husband crazy, wondering what you're doing for so long locked in the bathroom.
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