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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
All opinions that I express here are based on the premise that we can take your version of events to be true.
A very fair observation. My feelings are hurt, and I realize much of my anxiety of my friends' reactions is motivated by further fear of loss. Only so much pain a girl can handle in one go.

(And E has her own problems, which give her behavior so much context, but I'm not comfortable disclosing them here--they're hers, not mine.)

The breakup has really magnified my insecurities, hence the bar comment. I've also had people tell me I give off an "anti-sex" vibe (including some of these friends, as well as my husband, who teases me pretty mercilessly about it). Probably a defensive holdover from my earlier years, but still, a habit that needs to be broken.

Scorchers is on my must-view list already from reading another thread.

Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
d) Your husband - on the other hand - sounds like a winner!
So absolutely true. Which makes it easier to lie on the couch in my PJs, wallow in brokenheartedness, and avoid rebuilding friendships. ComfyHappyFail.
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