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Default Mono Woman Trying to Maintain Relationship with Poly Partner

I've been in a relationship with my current significant other for several years now. We were engaged for two years, apart for two years, and back together (secretly from our friends and family) for about half a year now.

I'm finding things difficult,as I am (probably) hardwired mono, and have trouble understanding his feelings, or those of our metamour. I've been reading a lot online, and have found this site immensely helpful so far. I signed up so I can use the Search function on the forums, really. I don't think I'm ready to post anything yet.

I would like to post along with my SO and his SO, but I haven't worked up the courage to ask them yet, and don't know how much they would be comfortable in revealing about themselves online, so I won't post any more details about our lives right now. I hope I can speak more with you all soon, though. Everyone here seems very nurturing and helpful!
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