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Default Polyamory and Language [Article]

I came across this on another forum, and thought it was really interesting, how the language we use is developed, grows, and changes through usage.

Abstract Polyamory is an emerging sexual story that troubles
mononormativity: the dominant discourse of monogamy which
is reproduced and perpetuated in everyday conversation and
saturates mainstream media depictions. Through an analysis of
online discussions, websites and self-help books, this article
explores the ways in which members of polyamorous
communities construct their identities through language. We
argue that the potentials of polyamory are, to some extent,
constrained by the conventional mononormative language of
partnerships, infidelities and jealousy. However, alternative
languages are emerging which offer new discursive possibilities
for the development of polyamorous identities, relationships
and emotions.
Link to full article
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