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Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
I this some kind of further surgery for your child?
Sort of. His caregiver gave him the wrong med dose and it sent him into seizures. We had a day of "sit and wait" to see if he was okay. He is. They're sending him home this evening.
Glad it's turned out well!
Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
getting one major filling, several minor ones, and the stump of a molar pulled
Ouch!! Not fun...
Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
This evening I perform a clown number for an anti-nuclear-energy vigil.
...but at least this sounds AWESOME. Hope you survive the first part, and have tons of fun at the second.
The first part wasn't bad at all: I have a REALLY good dentist (who's also a homoeopath) who EXPLAINS what she's about to do, and (because I'm sub sub poverty level and don't have medical insurance) treats me in exchange for jobs of work. [I've been dismantling a fence for her and her husband.]

The second part was MUCH better. Among my clown routines, I have one that I realised last week could be easily adapted to an anti-nuclear-energy theme. I didn't realise until a few hours before the vigil that I'd need my offer to be OKed by the organiser. (But that was no problem.) And I didn't find my "straight man" (actually a woman that I'd never met before) until about 15 minutes before we took the stage, but it all went really well... and it was being filmed, so I'm looking forward to seeing the recording.

Apologies for off-topic reply, but I'll get back on-topic now...
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