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this guy is so beautiful and one of my dearist friends, so im glad if she wants to explore with anyone, that its him. i do tend to talk about this alot and i know its my fault she gets frustrated at me, and thats why she has no need to fullfill my needs because i upset her.

she does keep saying that its happend now and lets try to move on and see if our relationship does get stronger, but at the same time i think im being a bit selfish because i needed or wanted some kind of reward for being the first person in her life to understand what she wants and needs. and because i didnt feel i was rewarded ( just with one night to our selves full of kissing and hugging ) i did get upset which made her distant from me.

i think i need to relax and take each day as it comes but i know for sure that we're meant to be together in the future just not right now, but its so hard to leave because we love eachother so much.

i'll keep in touch. your thoughts a very special to me, everyone of you, and i think the best thing i could have ever done is to this web page. xoxoxox
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