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Hi GS...humans don't fall under ownership dogs....i have three and they came into my life as rescues...they own my heart and soul and allegiance...and really, each "saved me" a different part of me, when they entered my life at disparate times...people said I rescued them when the opposite was true. islandgy9 is a bright and shiny one, in the words of an artist who is a mutual friend...i like to share what I like best...although there are some things I own, like a pair of carved little stone dinosaurs, a green Triceratops and a pink Tyrannosaurus Rex, which I told him I'd put away before niece and nephew came to visit...because if they admired them or wanted them, I'd give them away...i like these so much I won't find another pair like them. islandgy9 pointed this out to me.
precoffee babble here...forgive syntax spelling etc. time to feed the hungry horde...P, HG and little B...Ground beef in broth and Canidae Super Platinum...yum...oh, and string beans. They love string beans except for the Border Collie mix, she likes carrots...
All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog--Franz Kafka
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