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Thanks sweets. Actually quite the contrary, its the first time I am able to think about it without feeling anything. That's a good sign. I did have good intentions, but that doesn't mean it was the right choice. I doubt I will do that again.

Most people aren't able to see that someone might be good intentioned and patiently say they are thankful, take the info away and form their own opinion without judgement of anyone and come out on the otherside safely and without change. Really, if there is to be judgement and distruction of a relationship, I would rather it be directed away from me. I seemed to of put a target on myself when I allowed myself to be that vulnerable in assuming they would appreciate my thoughts and info. Next time I will let people know I dated someone and that's it. If they have questions, they can come and ask. This time I directed any negative stuff towards me. I imagine it created a focal point of their negativity instead of really investigating this guy. Yup, not doing that again.
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