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esarati300, I'm in the neighborhood. I haven't sought out a meet up group, but talked to poly friends who have recenly relocated to the west coast, and they said they prefer the groups here. But I have no direct experience myself.

Also, I read your post on the fairness/unfairness your wife having a boyfriend and you not having someone. I've been on both sides of it (sorry replying here, that thread got a bit long...). When I was with my former husband, his girlfriend left him, and it was very difficult for him and for me as well. I had to learn to balance being there for him in his time of pain and maintaining this happy relationship I had with my boyfriend. It wasn't easy.

Eventually, I found myself on the other side of it. My primary partner sees two other people, while I really don't. I took time for myself and my work and enjoyed being with him only, the simplicity of it. Now I'm seeing someone I'm beginning to be affectionate with, but it's definitely very light - which is great! I still feel a lack of balance at times, but my partner is very nurturing and working with me on that.

Anywho, I'm wondering if we can get something started locally. Let me know your thoughts.
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