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Default Retraining

Hey Islandgy,

Would it be helpful if I said Rome wasn't built in a day ?
Because really, it may be that simple.
We can't overcome 18 to 50 years of society's programming in a few months. Maybe even years. But we CAN do it.
In other words, it's ingrained in us at this point to feel that we have 'rights' to own something special - something that's all OURS. Reserved. It takes time to fully embrace the fact that other human beings are NOT on that list !
At an intellectual level we can understand this. At a practical and emotional level it's not so easy. It takes retraining !
Grab yourself a mantra and repeat it endlessly until it sticks. Something like "this person is a free soul - my place is to support this freedom".
Be patient with yourself but don't let yourself off the hook. Keep kicking when you deserve it.
Time is the solution............and genuine effort. No rocket science required.

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