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I'm pretty sure I have written this before, but excuse me if I have. I have been thinking today about some friends I had once that I found out were getting together with an old boy friend that was not compatible with me as far as communicating goes. The couple who were my friends had talked to me and sout my advice on communicating at one point and I thought they might like a heads up on how this guy communicates...

I was very hurt by him, but in my telling them about his "style" I was very careful to let them know that it just didn't work for me and that I wanted them to know the info I had as it related to their past issues... I also said I didn't know where they were at with it all now and didn't think that I could presume that they were in the same place with their issues....

Well, they blew up. Told me I was nosy, that I had no business telling them anything and that I should mind my own business; blah, blah, blah... a bunch of other stuff. I asked them if they would like to talk in person about it as I am familiar with how things can go array in text and that I wasn't sure they understood what I meant... maybe if we talked in person it would help. They basically told me to fuck off. So I did.

Now I see them at events and gathering occasionally and its just awkward. I just politely say hi, but respect their space... turns out they went and told the ex I have everything and now he gets to rub it in and roll his eyes and gossip about me behind my back... I used to keep a friendship with him before that. A tenuous one that needed much healing, but a friendship none-the-less... now I have blocked him from everything on FB and don't speak to him either at social gatherings. *sigh* I hate that shit. I don't like the ignore thing when you see someone you know, but its done now, so here we are.

Lesson: keep your nose out of other peoples relationships RP. Even if you "think" you know some shit... just keep out entirely. Eventually it will all come to pass and they will figure their own shit out. Second lesson is that I should of listened to the advice I got to shut up and stay out of it.
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