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Redpepper …. I think I totally misunderstood your comment….oops..
What I have realized is that so far my trying to rationalize my irrationality with reason isn’t working… I will apply the tools you all have given me and with any luck M (rubbyslippers) wont throw me overboard…. By the way rubbyslippers, thanks for the kind words.
Which reminds me of an analogy that I am trying to keeping mind.
I picture M’s and my relationship as A beautiful sailboat that we both built and live in together in a beautiful harbor. Now and again we both like to take the dingy out and explore the harbor, sometimes together and sometimes alone. I like the idea and I’m pretty comfortable that I can mind the boat while M takes a row around the harbor and experiences new things even visiting other boats in the harbor. I would like to do the same from time to time. I know living on a boat can get a bit confining at times.
When I told M about this analogy she liked the dingy idea but preferred to think of our relationship as two boats tied up together as opposed to living on one boat. I need to keep that in mind…
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