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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I think you guys need to go out, take a walk, hold hands, get some fresh air, and forget about poly and relationships and trying to figure things out for a while. Just enjoy each other and renew. You both seem to tend toward analysis and going over every little detail to determine what to do, how you feel, how to be, what went wrong, what this one meant when they said that, what that meant when they said this, and so on. Nothing wrong with analyzing per se -- but I have a sense you could both use a break! A kind, gentle, loving break.
I could agree with that, & were not really doing much at this point, the 1 girl we still talk to "C" is more of a friendship thing, someone who understands & is kind.

& its also true that we DO over think a lot of things, but were kinda OCD like that.

Thanks for the comment Cindie
"The more a thing is perfect, the more if feels pleasure and pain."

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