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Default Update

I went out on a first date tonight with the new guy, it was a fantastic date! He brought me roses, and was a total gentleman. I'm got to ask all of my questions about polyamor and we were both so open and honest with each other... he told me things that only a small handful of people know about him. And I did the same in return. We shared our first kiss/kisses tonight as well... it was ... amazing. I felt such a connection, and I think he did too.

Our next date I get to meet his wife, and we'll get to talk make sure all boundries and rules are clear. One of the rules they have is no physical intimacy until after his wife and I have met and talked. So I'm sure that's something we'll talk about. ...

... Now I just need be patient until the next date... which is going to be hard, since, well I can tell I'm experiencing NRE, and I'm just so excited about the chemistry and connection between me and the new guy.

Any advice on how to be a bit more patient and not let the NRE overwhelm me?
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