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I have suffered (mostly) emotional abuse with my "mother" (i.e. my dad's wife who was in my life since I was 5). It was the worst right before I moved out, I was afraid of her at that point. It felt so normal it took me years to even see it as abuse. I notice that I still tend to downplay it because there were only few minor incidents on physical abuse.

Once I have started to realise that my experiences were indeed abuse, I have decided never again to take it. As a child, I couldn't do anything about it but now I can. My life, my freedom and my happiness are way too big prices to pay. I have promised myself to walk away and now I'm in a place I think I would spot abuse early and be able to do that. I do realise it is often not easy to do, and usually abusive people are master manipulators.

I do think that if abusive people honestly wish to change it is good for them to have help. But I don't think that the abused person is in the best position to help and they should put their own safety and happiness first.
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