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I've definitely thought about doing that. It would really help clear up who's actually "picking sides" and who's just in social panic mode. I do think I'll wait a few weeks, though--right now, I've got a heightened sense of potential rejection and I don't want that to taint my contact with them.

I'm also dealing with some envy and insecurity here, since E's got sexual relationships with many of these people. I tend to assume they won't want anything to do with me, since remaining friends with me might throw a wet towel on their relations with E (and almost certainly would, in a few cases--E can be quite possessive when she feels a bond with someone). For some of them, that's probably true, but I won't really know unless I bring up that concern with them directly.

And I think I need a little more healing time before I can have that kind of talk with them.

Meanwhile, new sports friends have gotten it into their collective heads that I have the perfect 1950s white-picket heterosexual monogamous breeder lifestyle. Ack. Not sure if or when to divest them of that belief.
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