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I don't know if you are anything like me, but I need tons of reassurance from friends. If I have had a falling out or a break up I need to hear from them that its okay between us. I forget that they likely are not paying that much attention anyway and maybe if I reach out and tell them what is going on for me, they might take notice and reassure me.

People generally get about the act of living life and are really not all that concerned about how other people feel, just what they do in terms of gossip. At least this is what I have noticed. Have you reached out to them? Maybe they don't know where they stand and are having a hard time adjusting themselves. Maybe you could tell them that you are still here and still consider them friends. It might be all it takes for them to say, "oh hey, I'm so glad you got in touch because I thought maybe because its over between you and *name* that we are not friends now..."

It could also be that they are not really taking sides but considering that their friend is going through a tough time and they don't want to add to that by them thinking that they are taking sides... maybe they are just being really quiet with both of you? Hard to say unless you investigate.... which means putting a big smile on your face and cheerfully asking how they are doing and when is it possible to get together to catch up. Then you can add, that you can understand that they might want to wait, but that you are still around and still keen to be friends.
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