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I think confidence and inner sexiness coming out overrules a hell of a lot.

I'm heavier than I usually am due to illness (thyroid and adrenals went kaBOOM a few years back). I'm getting better, and finally losing a LITTLE bit, but still about 20 pounds higher than my "norm".

This past friday I went to a conference of Sex educators, counselors and therapists (I'm a student). I dressed semi dress-casual... grey slacks, black tank top with black sweater and some sensible grey/black heels. I put on makeup (which I normally don't as I work in a cubicle and nobody sees me, plus I get up at the crack of hell and would rather sleep an extra 10 minutes) and my contacts, sono glasses.

I walked downtown to a little place to get lunch and I SWEAR I was getting looked at like I haven't in YEARS. Now undoubtedly I put an extra 10 minutes into getting ready, LOL... but I think because I FELT sexy (and was listening to talks on sex) I was projecting a more sexified ME than normal. And it definitely was well received.

I'm trying to take the lesson and run with it!
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