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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
When you say you think about your h when he's on a date, that seems normal. After all, if he was just at a family reunion, or going camping with some guy friends, or whatever, you'd stop and wonder what he was up to from time to time. But, when he's with a lover, you think about what they might be doing, and you feel...? What?
I had to really think about this. Mostly it's just curiosity as to what's going on. Nothing BAD, not really even jealousy, just an AWARENESS that won't quit.

I tend to have OCD symptoms-- not full blown OCD because it doesn't get in the way of my life and it doesn't meet the DSM standards of taking up a certain amount of time every day. BUT-- I do have obsessive thoughts-- and I think that's what that is. I just obsess about what's going on, what am I not knowing about... wierd.

I will most definitely talk to my counselor about this... but what I'm seeing is that it's not serious, it's not bad. If I can't stop doing it , oh well. LOL. Maybe at some point it will go away or lessen. Time will tell.
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