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So two days at the conference, lovely!! But my brain is sore from all of the sensory input. Chilling out tonight and then tomorrow I"m only there for four hours, then I have to do real life stuff!

Talked with hubs tonight about some guidelines. He is the kind of guy that meets someone and hits it off and it's on... and I don't do well with sudden entrants into the pool. We had kind of pulled that type of happening out of play, but with him so far away I didn't like the thought of him having NO connections until he came home. So I'd thought about it and then put it away and tonight it ocurred to me, that the two things I don't like are sudden changes in direction (i.e. "hey baby I met this girl and want to take her home TONIGHT"), and also long weekends together (which tends to happen because his amours tend to be long distance and have to do things like FLY or DRIVE 5 HOURS to see him). So we talked tonight and I said that I was good to go as long as I knew in advance what was up, and it was a short-time thing (as in, hanging out on Friday night, and that's it). At least while he's away. I'd like to think I can expand past that, but with him gone and our ability to reconnect physically with touch removed from the equation, I'm just not as strong.

He thanked me for working on my stuff, and said he knew it was going to be his turn soon to do the same. I think I need to be more cautious with him, though, as I've had a lot more time/experiences to work on things AND I tend to be more in touch with what's going on with me than he does. I'm okay with that though.

An interesting thing happened this weekend. I was semi-gussied up on Friday (sort of dress casual with makeup!) and I felt good about things and I swear I was getting all kinds of looks, eye contact and attention I normally don't get. Just goes to show you that attitude and self-concept are everything. LOL.

The same day I got a text from a past amour (like 12 years ago, before me and hubs) and we got to catch up. Not that I think anything will happen, but I felt sexy and adored and it was nice.
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