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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Well Cindie, IDK...Yes...I have the desire to date a women that we are not both involved with on a sexual basis, but I DEFINATLY want LT to be involved with whoever I decide to date, on a friendship basis at the very least)
That was a big step for me. One I took last may actually. Up until that point I had always been a unicorn hunter, but made the leap to start dating on my own.. in order to date SG.

It was a long process and lots of talking with my wife. But it did work out. We had both always had a rule of girls only, around this time, we also dumped that rule.

For us, both were tied together... both were eliminated together. Both took a long time, lots of discussion, crying and .. well more talking. Eventually it worked out for the best and we now date separately.

So best of luck.. its a huge step in coupled non-monogamy...
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