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Hey, TL, I recall not long ago, you posted to the "how you doing" thread:
Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Had a long heart to heart with LT last night. Not sure how to convey that even though I have a desire to go out with other women, I am NOT leaving her....EVER. We are currently on a killer drop on the "poly-coaster".
And I wrote back the following, but you didn't respond:
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh, you two seem so solid, I am sure she couldn't possibly doubt you!! Are you saying you want to try dating a woman that you don't share? I know it's been hard for you to find someone who fits into your situation in that way.
Is that what's been happening? I'm sure it might seem like a big transition for you, if that's the case, but I meant it when I said you guys seem really solid as a couple. I'm sure whatever it is, will work out.
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