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The last 2 days have been really nice. We got our communication squabble out of the way we've been doing our poly talk once a day, to check in and see how the other is feeling, if we've come across anyone worthwhile and other hypothetical things. Really just reaffirming what it is what we want.

He cut off the single mom like I said, which I've felt a lot better about and we're back to looking for our unicorn but still pursuing other partners. You never know, maybe that's how we'll meet the "one"!

I'm talking to a girl who is moving back to our area in a few weeks. So far so good, we have a good deal in common. He's also speaking to a girl he came across online who is only about 30 mins away who is married and in an open relationship with her hubby too. We're both asking questions about the women to each other and just at a different level of comfort now with pursuing this. I'm feeling a sense of calmness and no jealousies over the last 2 days which is a huge improvement for me, so I'm proud of myself on that one. He sees it too, and I think since he's seeing a level of comfort in me now, he's being more affectionate.

At the moment, things are really good
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