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I'm somewhat of a pessimist, especially when it comes to the people in my life. I have noticed that the less I focus on "meeting people" and the more I focus on just doing what *I* want, the less "meeting people" seems to matter.

Having said that, my husband and I have a huge common social-circle (not many of them are "close friends" to me), while my boyfriend and I have virtually no common acquaintances at this point (there was a time when we did). So if I were to "break-up" with one or both of them, it would not affect my social life (if you want to call it that, LOL), and I could pretty much count on one hand the people I would still hang out with after - they are the same ones I hang out with now.

I realize that some folks prefer to connect with as many other people as they can at all levels; I used to be that way until I admitted that it stressed me out more than it gave me satisfaction. Perhaps it's because I prefer the company of cats to the company of humans, except for certain things such as sex.

This is a very good topic, and I'm moving it to "General Discussions" because it's not peculiar to those who are "New to Poly". If you want to have a thread that chronicles your "journey" with minimal interference by discussion tangents, please go ahead and start a thread in "Life Stories and Blogs". Feel free to copypasta whatever you want from this thread.
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