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Dreams are so funny. I've had dreams like that where I was like why did I not stick up for myself. But of course that seems to happen a good bit in real life too.

It has been a mostly very shitty week. My brain has been stuck on Brad. Our internet went down and the company can't seem to get their act together to fix it. I'm in the middle of finals. I got a ticket from the transit police on Thursday. My mom lost her job which means I soon won't have health care which means no therapy. I didn't get the job I interviewed for which means that after next week I'll be unemployed too.


Meanwhile, I found out a few weeks ago that a friend of mine is kinky. He and I have been training together for almost a year. He then expressed an interest in me which I basically ignored. Then after reminiscing about the recent abysmal failures of krav maga relationships he was like oh wait nevermind. To which I say, good idea. I also didn't think I was interested in him. But....last night he came over to my house to watch a movie and we both got drunk and snuggled and talked for most of the night. He was pretty adorable. I had been really needing a good cuddle for awhile so I did really enjoy it. It became pretty obvious that he seems to have a strong interest. I don't think we're at all in the same place. I think S really wants a serious monogamous girlfriend. I'm not there right now. I just hope I didn't make a huge mistake by letting that happen.
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