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Well now....How things have changed....

About 3 weeks ago, S got fired from our job! YAY!!!! I know...Sad that I would be happy about someone else getting fired. But it was REALLY getting hard for me to go to work with S every day. He was constantly telling me how D wanted to hook up with L and myself. Blah! Good riddance! Finally done with that chapter of my life! LOL

On another front; If S had not gotten fired, I had other pokers in the fire anyway...and On Monday this week, I got a call about a new job at Midas. Today, I started my first day at Midas. Oddly enough, S was my supervisor at my old job, got fired, and also applied at Midas and was turned down for the job.....I applied and GOT the job. WEIRD! He's a faster mechanic than me, but I'm more thorough. :P

On a DIFFERENT front;
L and I have been having issues again. I finally put out a real ad...One that was sure to garner some attention. This ad was to try to find a girl for me. Well, I got that attention I was looking for alright. Of course, when I actually replied to two of the women who responded, it did NOT go over well with L. I did it wrong, and need to refine my approach. While she is trying to get the whole idea of me seeing another woman romantically, I am trying to learn a few things....One, how to find women w/o pissing off my wife. Two, how to attract women...and then tell them that I'm married, but not cheating and we're poly. Three, ??? LOL

So there you have it a nutshell.
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