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New here, have really gotten a lot out of reading the blogs and other threads. Just wanted to get some stuff off my chest, I suppose. I'm realizing especially after reading some of what Mono has written, my partner D is more mono than I thought. I myself don't know whether I am truly poly or not, I like the idea but in reality it's just too soon to tell. I have a FWB I recently slept with (with D's knowledge and acceptance- I will talk about that more soon) but I don't think there is relationship material there, and the FWB is definitely mono. I guess reading here has woken me up to a lot of the difficulties of being poly, I guess I had seen it as this silver bullet, like wow if I could only be the female hinge of two male monos I'd never be lonely or feel sexually neglected! ( I KNOW THIS ISN'T TRUE!!) I think that for me part of the attraction to the poly lifestyle is superficial, the fantasy that with more than one partner, if things are not going well with one, I can depend on the other. Or more accurately, I won't overfocus too intently on one person in a sort of all-my-eggs-in-one-basket kind of way. But I am seeing the work that goes into poly life, and the pain, like the pain of "coming out" to others, or having to hide your life and loves. So I don't know I guess I just want to thank and acknowledge those who have come before, and to kind of think through some stuff as I start navigating the poly world. I know I will make mistakes but I want to avoid as many as possible
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