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Wish me luck tonight, this slutty robot has got some hot moves that made both my men gob smacked heh. this go round is far more stripper than tease and reveal traditional burlesque It kind of came around that way.

Did I mention how lucky I am to have such a wonderful boyfriend? He has helped and supported me so much! He's a good sub Tonight he is carrying my case and chauffeuring. I love him to bits for his acts of service.

PN I love for his acts of service in keeping house and child in order these last few days. I took the boy to school late today so we could have some much needed boy and mumma time. He seemed to appreciate that. I know I did, I missed him. Tonight he stays at my parents over night so we can all go out.

I'm disappointed Leo isn't coming. He has social anxiety and just can't handle the crowd *blah*

Derby is going to win for best costume for sure! She has worked hard at it. So creative. I can't wait to see who she's up against and how she struts her stuff

I didn't get nervous until I heard an ad on a local popular modern rock radio station while buying glow sticks today! Ahhh. Breath RP, it'll be fine. I've worked hard and know my stuff. It will be super fun too! Such a rush!
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