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Originally Posted by Altea View Post
At first he agreed. But a few hours later he came to me and said that it is stupid that I agree to polyamory and swinging but not to an open raletionship. Ha said that it hurts his freedom and that he hopes that I will change my opinions couse other way he will have to dump me. He said that he feels that I will chain him to me and not let him be himself. He added that it is limiting to him that I would like to know and like the persons he is dating/sleeping with (although he knows that among the many people we both know (about 150) there are only 3 girls I don't get along with and that because they started fighting with me.
It sounds like your boyfriend has a bad case of "give and inch, take a mile". If he demands everything at once and offers you an ultimatum, I'd say he needs to look at how committed he is to your relationship. If he feels that trapped he should move on and stop laying guilt trips on you. Sorry to sound negative but this kind of thing reeks of selfishness and childish impatience.

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