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Is he on here? It sounds like he could benefit from reading up, maybe participating.

Take a breath for a second. It sounds like the two of you are scared of what happens next; you because he could dive in and he because he thinks you'll hold him back. All valid, but not neceassirly true and even if it might be, I don't think it wise to hold someone back or jump in.

There is lots of time. Both of you would be wise to take the time to get used to the notion of change before making changes. You might find you can give more than you think when the time comes and if trust is built and he might find that going out and obtaining this so far unobtainable life is worth waiting for and building on slowly and so as not to destroy what he has with you.

Its all such a balancing act and the one thing that helps people get used to that is taking the time you have and going over every detail, scenario, every bit of information you can get your hands on and then realizing that you won't really know until you try something.
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