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You will notice, dear HMA that I said, "if this is true." I have no idea what the deal is, so I quite humanly go to generalizations. I am sorry about your sensitivities in regards to the age gap thing. I myself have a husband that is seven years younger than I (mono is two years younger) and realize that some people are more mature at younger ages and less at older ages. It balances out sometimes. I am in doubt of it working out with a 20 year gap unless the daddy complex or something else is going on.

What twigged me was the talk of her being good looking and him saying he wanted a romantic friendship, then wanted to kiss her. I'm sorry, but there is way too much in all that that spells out older dude going through midlife stuff. Especially if he is in his late 40's! Perhaps I am wrong, I'm not always right.

Please read again what I said about what I think poly is and then read what you want me to explain, cause I don't think we are differing in opinion about it.
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