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Red face Things have changed a lot

I do not mean to be using K at all. Things have changed ALOT in our house... I will write about it all latter when I have time and when my head is clear, but for now I wanted to say that I have talked to K about how she feels and she says she does not feel that way. All three of us have had LONG conversations about everything that has gone on. I have said multiple times to both of them as long as we have love, openness, and honesty then it will all be ok. It is when we don't have one of those three things that we will have problems. Well we all are going to take a road trip together this weekend so maybe it will help bring us together. We are traveling around Kansas camp Sat. night and then I have to teach a class in another city over so while I teach my husband and K will have time to be together. This should be fun! Hope it brings us closer.

Hope this helps explain things, I know it all sounds odd it sounds that way to me too I will write more when my head is clear.
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