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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
(...broke up over fundamental disagreement over having children...)

Nothing made sense to me. I didn't trust her because I did not trust myself anymore. Our breakup destroyed my sense of self, who I was, what I understood to be my 'place' in the world, how I understood everything around me, how I understood my self to be. It is one of the most painful, most disorienting experiences of my life.

Your wife probably has had a very similar experience. I bet nothing makes sense to her. You don't make sense to her. She thought she knew you intimately. She thought she knew what marriage was, what your marriage was specifically. Now she doesn't.

She may be saying she does not trust you in part because nothing in her world makes sense anymore. I know I did not trust Beloved because my foundation was gone. Your wife may be in a similar place.
Thank you. That makes a lot of sense.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Austin texas! There is a large community there. There are quite a few on the fb group I admin. Feel free to pm me and let me know if you want to join it so as to meet people. You'd have to friend me first though
I'd love to, but I'm not quite ready to be "out" just yet. I'd like the shelter of anonymity while my wife comes to terms with all of this.

On that note, a promising development that set me aglow: this morning, as I was getting out of the shower, she came to me in tears, saying that she really wants us to work, and that she loves me, and we held hands and kissed. She's still very afraid of getting hurt, and it's on me to help her with that.

I'm very excited at the possibility that so long as I'm not a callous screwup, I'm not going to lose my wife!
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